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Curtis Bordewyk

Established in 1986, Curtis Drilling was nurtured in the Mid West and has grown here in Virginia from honest hard work and strong family values. We continue to grow because Curtis Drilling never looses sight of its boss, YOU.

In keeping, you will find Curtis Drilling is staffed with qualified, friendly personnel eager to please and professionally accomplish and see your task through.

When you have great people like we do, who have the knowledge, desire and advanced up-to-date equipment, all that’s left is our promise of commitment and your earned trust.

While there is much information about wells and water quality in cyber land, we pride ourselves in the ability to help you sort through the different circumstances and conditions that impact one another and how they affect your well, the water you drink, wash, irrigate with and your peace of mind.

Call us with your questions, it’s the easiest way to get answers.

What can Curtis Drilling mean to you?



Chad Bordewyk

CURTIS DRILLING advanced equipment and expert staff makes it the one place to go for a professional and reliable approach to getting the very best from your water well.

We have 6 Certified Master Water Well System Providers and over forty years of combined experience, which makes us a great choice for all of your well drilling needs. We are responsive to our customers and industry with long standing memberships in the National and State Driller Associations as well as the Better Business Bureau. Family owned and operated, we’re licensed, insured and ready to work for you.

While our wish is that your well water is always abundant and trouble free, occasionally well water is influenced by the characteristics of the geology surrounding your well. These unwanted, yet natural conditions can cause: issues of clarity, staining, sulfur or other obnoxious odors, water discoloration and potential biological uncertainties. All of which can compromise your plumbing system and home investment over time.

Curtis Drilling’s WATER TREATMENT DIVISION is staffed with more than 20 years of know how for timely, accurate, in-house water quality analyses that will identify potential water quality problems and prescribe the proper treatment. We offer water treatment equipment from many innovative, well established manufacturers. These relationships allow us to offer expertly installed, effective, long lasting treatment solutions. Our testing services are available for a modest fee that insures accurate results and an honest solution you can depend on.

Finally, we are also a great source for information as it relates to: residential and commercial well sales and service, well water pumping systems, pumps, pressure tanks, repair, down hole viewing, groundwater testing, and a full line of water treatment equipment, components and supplies.