Mineral Testing

periodic_tableNot required for certification as these are considered physical factors and secondary, common, and natural contaminants not associated with health concerns. Simple corrective measures are usually all it takes to eliminate troublesome water characteristics.

Mineral testing includes:

  • the parameters of iron and manganese (metals),
  • pH, a measure of the waters acidity (too much CO2),
  • hardness (carbonates),
  • hydrogen sulfide (gas),
  • total dissolved solids (TDS),
  • tannin (resulting from water passing through layers of vegetation in various stages of decay), and,
  • Subjective color, solids, and odor (to name a few.)

All of which can have a negative impact on water’s suitability and benign behavior. All of which are correctable conditions. It’s good advice to have it tested and good information to have when considering the long term effects water can have on household appliances, plumbing, fixtures, personal health and protection of the household investment. This test generally provides all the information we need to provide you an accurate water quality diagnosis and warranty any system we prescribe, sell and install.

Why do we charge for a mineral test when most other companies don’t?

  • Free water tests can only accomplished through using very cheap/inexpensive testing methods and products.
  • Free water tests are most often used as tool to get into your home and offer a sales pitch.
  • Free water test are rarely accurate and in our opinion unprofessional.
  • Free water tests rarely test for all that’s needed to know in order to provide the correct system and size.
  • Free water tests like most things free, have very little value if at all.

Testing water the right way is not inexpensive.

  • Our minimal charges cover the costs of quality supplies and equipment time and travel to your home.
  • Our minimal charge allows us to rely on our spectrophotometer that provides digital results.
  • Our minimal charge assures accurate results by virtue of pre-measured materials meeting all lab protocols.
  • Our minimal charge helps cover necessary costs that allow us to confidently identify water quality issues and stand by our findings.
  • Our minimal charges help keep the costs of treatment systems and processes down. In other words our continual push for accuracy prevents mistakes.
  • Our minimal charges are refundable if you decide to move forward with our recommendations.

Call the office at 804-749-8177 for pricing of this service and a complete breakdown of what you will receive for this service.