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Clean water enthusiasts agree:
Although not required, this test is exceedingly thorough and more importantly, very accurate for what it represents.

The intent of this very informative test is to provide accurate analyses of well water for up to 97 different parameters with a short turnaround.

A snap shot of the water if you will. Testing categories include; microbiologicals, inorganics, metals, physical factors, organics, trihalomethanes, volatile organic compounds, fuel derivatives, pesticides, herbicides totaling up to 97 parameters.

When purchased separately, individual parameter tests would range anywhere from $35-$95 each.

Ours are inexpensive in comparison because the central lab farms the sample (a collection of 7 sample bottles) to specialized labs for each category for analysis.

More importantly, they keep it inexpensive by qualifying the results for “informational purposes” so it’s not intended nor can it be used for legal proceedings.

However, all tests are performed using compliance methods so they are extremely accurate.

The idea here is use this analysis for a full spectrum of tests for questionable water and If one or more pop up as being over the limit, re-test a sample for the specific offending contaminant(s) for certified results.

Click here to see the list of parameters covered with this test.